marți, 14 iunie 2011

the programm

Day 1
Arrival to Bucharest
Get to know eachother
Official opening
Day 2
Meeting the Romanian Parliament House
Going to Constanta
Expectations, Contributions, Fears
Day 3
Team Building
NGO fair
Projects brainstorming
Day 4
YiA Programm
Short history about project management
Working on projects I Partners building
Day 5
Working on projects II Where and when
Get to know the local people
Day 6
Working on projects III Daily programm
Making projects accesible
Day 7
Working on projects IV Disemination and valorisation
Non-formal methods
Accesible sports
Day 8
Working on projects V Financial issues
Your Projects presentation
Administrative duties tickets&documents
Day 9
Conclusion & Evaluation
Group Picture

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