vineri, 29 aprilie 2011

"A small team for a BIG smile" is created to be an 8 days (June 18, 2011 – June 26, 2011) partnership building project, action 4.3 in the frame of "Youth in Action Program".
The project will be focused on the inclusive participation of half people with disabilities, half not disabled and the creation of a network of NGO’s who writes and implements future projects with/for people with disabilities. The project will be held in Constanta (Romania) and will have 24 participants from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Turkey and Romania.
Through the workshops, NGO's fair, visits at other NGO's who work with people with disabilities, learning about accessibility, working together at future projects and using non-formal methods, this projects main objectives are:
- to create a favorable work environment for stimulating the open dialogue and the cooperation between the participants,
- to create a cohesion and a synergy between the participants, favorable for creating future projects,
- to establish links of co-operation, that enable the participants to organize new and innovative youth projects with an European dimension,
- to create a network of partnerships that will lead to the development of new projects for people with disabilities,
- attracting, encouraging and involving disabled people in volunteering and future youth projects,
- offering adequate instruments for a better inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities(mainly for young people with disabilities), instruments that can be used in future projects.

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